About Us

We celebrate the days when people actually waited for big record releases in actual record stores. When the album art was as important – and often as creative – as the tracks themselves. 
Artists, designers and photographers built careers upon the strength of their jackets. The best of them remain as vibrant and visceral as ever. They are a true contemporary art form – one that
should be celebrated. 
At Nirvinyl, we’ve assembled a range of seminal and rare album covers – all of them showing the love of being part of a collection, many for years. Some are amazingly pristine. But others have the nicks, foxing, wear and maybe even the occasional coffee stain – in short, they’re a part of us. 
You can choose from any of our scanned images – available in a range of sizes. Or send us your own treasured albums and we will scan them through the same process we use on our own, and frame them the way you want. We use only small, local, USA companies to complete our artwork.
Our goal is to build an incredible, and ever-growing collection, both through our own acquisition
and your participation. 
So let the fun begin.